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Renting a property

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What happens next?

Once the application has been successful, we will then liaise with you and the landlord to arrange a Move-In date. Prior to moving in, you will need to pay a deposit (see below) and upon your move-in date we will accompany you to the property to take the meter readings, photos and do the official key hand-over. At the landlord’s request we may be required to carry out a full inventory.

The day of your move-in is classed as your ‘Tenancy Commencement Date’ and will be the day that you are required to pay your rent each and every month.

Deposit Amount  = Equivalent to one month’s rent

If the landlord agrees to you having pets in the property, the deposit may be increased (to account for any possible carpet cleaning, flea treatments etc upon your vacation of the property).



Detailed information will be provided to you before you apply to rent a property and our staff will be happy to help with any queries that you may have

Paul Jacksons